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"Home layout combines the essence of structure and artwork, and architects do their top to discover the hot methods within the quite a few contradictions and conflicts to completely convey their figuring out of house and the vendors’ preliminary mind's eye. while, each one case equipped consistently includes many convinced or doubtful elements that consult with the furniture or perhaps area composition. each one of those elements turns out to inform a by no means finishing tale and documents people’s feeling of pleasure, confusion, recalling and longing.It is exactly due to those bright emotional stories that make domestic layout to be fascinating and attractive.In order to demonstrate the essence of every case in a extra actual means, this publication has systematically deconstructed each element of the house layout that refers to house, constitution, interface, ornament in addition to exact components. all of the case is illustrated detailedly from the purpose of practical quarter, in addition to, descriptive textual content and the corresponding plan vividly recur the transformation from aircraft to house, from the summary to the intuition.Reading alongside the structure of the e-book, readers not just locate suggestion from the circumstances, but in addition may event the peculiarity of the house layout and luxuriate in the tactile sensation of the textured space."

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The tonal changes of the lake in four seasons were represented in the private dining rooms. Images and colours of flowers representing spring, summer, autumn and winter provided different moods to the otherwise monotonous enclosed dining spaces. 4. 独特的就餐体验是任何成功餐厅经营策略的关键所在。“厨房制造II”餐厅力图将这一就餐体验提升到一个全新的文化高度。 5. 餐厅内以半高的玻璃隔断为客人提供多种座位及半私人空间。位于中央的方形餐桌的镂空部分设有天花投影,让客人一边进餐,一边欣 赏锦鲤畅游的美态,为席间平添热闹气氛。 6-9. 贵宾房的设计则可观赏一年四季的湖光山色;各种花草不同的形象和色彩,各自表现出春夏秋冬的景色和情调,使客人在享用美食 时不再受到单调封闭的环境影响。 047 CUISINE THEME DESIGN 菜系主题设计 11 Theme Design of American Cuisine 美国菜系主题设计 The United States is an open country in which cusine is also the pool of the world food.

Grand stairs 6. Coat room 7. Service kitchen 8. VIP entrance 9. Service corridor 10. Kitchen 11. Habachi table 12. Bar 064 / 100 Restaurant Design Principles 13. Service bar 14. Casual dining 15. Main dining 16. Private dining 17. Open to below 13 14 16 15 2 5 17 Mezzanine floor plan 楼下平面图 12 9 1. 拱廊 2. 主入口 3. 酒廊入口 4. 酒吧 5. 大楼梯 6. 衣帽间 阁楼平面图 7. 服务厨房 8. 贵宾室入口 9. 服务走廊 10. 厨房 11. 木炭火盆桌 12. 酒吧 13. 服务酒吧 14. 休闲用餐区 15. 主餐厅 16. 贵宾室 17.

The 4. 空间两侧墙面上覆盖的镜面有效地淡化了空间的界线。建筑原有的通风格栅被广泛地应用到店面 original ventilation lattice of the house is applied as a screen for privacy on the shop front and 以及空间前端与就餐区之间的过渡区,完美地围合出私密空间。 between the front part and the dining area. 5. 中央空间内设置的家具有效地营造出亲密之感。 5. The furniture used at the central space helps to create privacy. 058 / 100 Restaurant Design Principles 6 6. Looking back from the dining area to the front part of the restaurant 6. 从后方的就餐区遥看餐厅的前端空间。 5 6 4 3 1 2 Panoramic View 全景模型图 059 CUISINE THEME DESIGN 菜系主题设计 14 Theme Design of Indian Cuisine 印度菜系主题设计 Indian cuisine is the combination of herbs and spices that emphasises simplicity and delicacy.

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