By Ernst Heinrich Hirschel, Egon Krause

This quantity comprises 37 invited contributions, accumulated to have a good time 100 volumes of the NNFM sequence. After a common creation overviews are given in 5 elements of the advancements in numerical fluid mechanics and comparable fields. within the first half information regarding the sequence is given, its origins are mentioned, in addition to its setting and the German and ecu high-performance computing device scene. partially II the co-editors of the sequence provide brief surveys over advancements of their international locations. present purposes, typically within the aerospace area, but in addition within the automobile region, are mentioned partially III. purposes to circulation difficulties in engineering and physics, starting from hydraulic equipment to astrophysics, are the subjects of half IV. Algorithms, machine technology, advertisement CFD, public partnerships in high-performance computing, and improvement as much as petaflops pcs are taken care of partly V. All volumes, that have been released within the sequence ultimately are indexed partially VI.

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Fujii: 3 volumes, W. Haase: 5 volumes, E. H. Hirschel: 11 volumes, B. van Leer: 1 volume, M. A. Leschziner: 3 volumes, M. Pandolfi: 1 volume, J. Periaux: 7 volumes, A. Rizzi: 4 volumes, B. Roux: 1 volume, Y. I. Shokin: 4 volumes. 5 And Last, But Not Least ... Last, but not least thanks are due to all who have helped to run the series and to make it a success. This was first the publishing house Vieweg, which decided to take the risk and to set up the series, and where the volumes of the series appeared from 1978 until 2001, and then the Springer-Verlag, who took it over in 2001 and publishes it since then.

Rizzi H. Viviand Vol. 3 1981 5 Spectral Methods 23. 10. Louvain-La1980 Neuve, Belgium M. Deville – 6 Numerical Methods in Laminar Flame Propagation 12. 10. 1981 Aachen, Germany N. Peters J. Warnatz Vol. 6 1982 7 Lehrveranstaltungen auf dem Gebiet der numerischen Methoden der Strömungsmechanik 25. 2. 1982 Essen, Germany B. Gampert – 8 Laminar Flow Over a Backward Facing Step Jan. 1983 Bievres, France 9 Numerical Calculation of Nonequilibrium Diffusion Flamelet Structures 1. 12. 1983 Heidelberg, Germany 10 The Efficient Use of Vector Computers with Emphasis on Computational Fluid Dynamics 13.

The key points addressed in the introduction to this contribution are today part of every modern CFD code, and a lot of further work in this regard was published in the series since then, some of them also by the authors mentioned in the introduction. 3 The GAMM-Conferences on Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics During the initial meetings of the GAMM-Committee it was planned to keep the yearly informal meetings of the Arbeitsgruppe. The first announcement of the October 1975 meeting, dated December 16, 1974, spoke of a conference on "Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics".

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