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As an grownup i wished to extend my vocabulary and this has been a superb ebook for that objective. i might definately reccomend.

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What you might do if you saw a ghost ________ 78. what might pollute a river near an industrial site ________ 79. giving out rations of food and water at an emergency shelter ________ 80. whether or not we should encourage research into the cloning of human beings 31 501 Vocabulary Questions Answers 61. To feign is to pretend or give a false appearance. 62. To be daunted is to be intimidated or discouraged. 63. A bane is a cause of trouble, misery, or harm. 64. ). 65. To cadge is to beg or obtain by begging.

Robin Williams, the comedian, demonstrates a most capricious nature even when he is not performing. churlish ( chur·l˘sh) adj. ill-mannered, boorish, rude. Angelo’s churlish remarks made everyone at the table uncomfortable and ill at ease. circumspect ( sur·ku˘m·spekt) adj. cautious, wary, watchful. The captain was circumspect as he guided the boat through the fog. craven ( kray·ve˘n) adj. cowardly. “This craven act of violence will not go unpunished,” remarked the police chief. diffident ( dif·i·de˘nt) adj.

88. To fulminate is to issue a thunderous verbal attack, to berate. It can also mean to explode or detonate. 89. To beguile is to deceive or cheat through cunning. It can also mean to distract the attention of or to pass time in a pleasant manner. 90. To subvert means to overthrow, to ruin completely, or to undermine. 91. To stultify in this context means to make someone look foolish or incompetent. It can also mean to impair or make ineffective; to cripple. 92. To inveigle means to influence or persuade through gentle coaxing or flattery; to entice.

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