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This advisor develops serious examining abilities with fabric that's tough, age-appropriate, and high-interest.

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But not all paragraphs begin with a clear topic sentence. Sometimes writers begin with specific supporting ideas and lead up to the main idea. In this case, the topic sentence is often found at the end of the paragraph. Here’s an example: School is tough enough without having to worry about looking cool every single day. The less I have to decide first thing in the morning, the better. I can’t tell you how many mornings I look into my closet and just stare, unable to decide what to wear. I also wouldn’t mind not having to see guys wearing oversized jeans and shirts so huge they’d fit a sumo wrestler.

Two different people would have a hard time debating a fact. They might not agree on how to interpret the facts, but they would have to agree on the facts themselves. ” This statement is debatable. You could argue that football is more exciting than basketball, or that they’re both equally exciting, or even that they’re both dreadfully boring. All of these statements are opinions. But “Basketball is a team sport” is not debatable; it’s impossible to disagree with this statement. It’s something known to be true.

12 LESSON 2 • LearningExpress Skill Builders –FINDING THE MAIN IDEA– EXERCISE 1 Questions In the group of sentences below, circle the sentence that is general enough to be a main idea. a. The Gold Rush began in 1849. b. Many people moved to California after gold was discovered. c. The history and population of California were shaped by the Gold Rush. d. The life of a gold miner was not an easy one. MAIN IDEAS ARE ASSERTIONS A main idea is also some kind of assertion about the subject. An assertion is a claim that something is true.

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