By Michael Sokoloff

Because the heart a while, lexographies of Talmudic and different rabbinic literature have mixed in a single access Babylonian, Palestinian, and Targumic phrases from a number of sessions. simply because morphologically exact phrases in even heavily comparable dialects can often fluctuate in either that means and nuance, their consolidation into one dictionary access is usually deceptive. students now discover the necessity to deal with each one dialect individually, and in A Dictionary of Jewish Palestinian Aramaic, Michael Sokoloff presents a whole lexicon of the dialect spoken and written through Jews in Palestine in the course of the Byzantine interval, from the 3rd century C.E. to the 10th century.

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Come to a bad end Fig. to have a disaster, perhaps one that is deserved or expected; to die an unfortunate death. ᮀ The dirty crook came to a bad end! come to a boil 1. Fig. [for a problem or situation] to reach a critical or crucial stage. (Fig. ) ᮀ Everything came to a boil after Mary admitted her guilt. 2. Fig. [for someone] to get very angry. (Fig. ) ᮀ Fred was coming to a boil, and clearly he was going to lose his temper. come to a pretty pass Fig. to encounter a difficult situation. (Older.

The traffic is bumper to bumper from the accident up ahead. burn so at the stake 1. to set fire to a person tied to a post as a form of execution. ᮀ They used to burn witches at the stake. 2. Fig. to chastise or denounce someone severely or excessively. (Fig. ) ᮀ Stop yelling! I made a simple mistake, and you’re burning me at the stake for it! burn one’s bridges (behind one) 1. Fig. to cut off the way back to where you came from, making it impossible to retreat. ᮀ By blowing up the road, the spies had burned their bridges behind them.

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