By Gregorio Olmo Lete, Joaquin Sanmartin, W G E Watson

As with every dictionary of a newly chanced on lifeless language, the purpose of this Dictionary of the Ugaritic alphabetic texts is to point the level reached in its lexical description and to function a reference paintings for extra learn. during this connection, the most interpretative evaluations were incorporated, because to a wide volume Ugaritic lexicography is still doubtful. additionally the main correct comparative Semitic fabric has been supplied to be able to corroborate the lexical offerings followed through the authors and aid readers to ensure their very own. the hot fabric chanced on considering that 1992 and lately released has additionally been incorporated, besides the entire own and topographical names as within the past variants.

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Brn. 617 I 21. ỉbrn PN (Sem. ; Huehnergard UVST 269 f. n. : i-bi-ra-na, cf. PRU 3 p. 292):2; PRU 6 139; cf. 131):16. 838:13. Cf. ảbrn, ỉwrn. ảbrpủ PN (Sem. 02 rev. 12' (Van Soldt SAU 18 n. 162; 324 n. ). 75 VI 4 (bn kbd). ủbrš PN (Hurr. ). : cf. 147):6; cf. Huehnergard AkkUg 368 n. 27; Van Soldt SAU 354 n. 214. Cf. ảbršn. 769:34; cf. unc. 611 II 17 (KTU: ủbkš). ảbršn PN (Sem. 242):1 (Huehnergard AkkUg 361 n. 13; Van Soldt SAU 324 n. 146); cf. 114 rev. 11' (Van Soldt SAU 324 n. 146; cf. PRU 3 34); cf.

Unc. : cf. 314) 2 and passim; PRU 4 172f. 145) 2 and passim. 371:10. (ỉ)blbl n. m. ); prob. the /qlql/ pattern < */w-b-l/, Ug. /y-b-l/; Akk. babbilu, “Kornträger”, AHw 94; “bearer (as agricultural worker)”, CAD B 8f. Sanmartín SEL 5 1988 175; Watson LSU 75). ¶ Forms: pl. blblm; suff. ỉblblhm. 62:11. ảblḥ PN (etym. unc. Gröndahl PTU 86). 412 I 30. ảblm TN in mythological texts (Belmonte RGTC 12/2 1: *ʔ Abilūma. ; Margalit UF 8 1976 177–181; MacLaurin PEQ 110 1978 113; Pardee AfO 36– 37 1989–1990 480; Del Olmo MLC 509; Watson AuOr 19 2001 110: “meadows”).

Le Bilinguisme dans le Proche-Orient Ancien, Paris 1996. MLRSO G. del Olmo Lete, Mitos, leyendas y rituales de los semitas occidentales, Madrid 1998. Modi E. Verreet, Modi Ugaritici. Eine morpho-syntaktische Abhandlung über das Modalsystem im Ugaritischen, Leuven 1988. C. Heider, The Cult of Molek: A Reassessment, Sheffield 1985. Mondgott G. 24, Freiburg/Göttingen 2000. MoP N. Wyatt, Myths of Power. A study of royal myth and ideology in Ugaritic and biblical tradition, Münster 1996. list of abbreviations MPDAI MR MROA I/II MRSO I/II MSL MŠŠ MU MVEOL Naʕar NABU Nahum NAT NE NH Nomades NPN NU NUS NuzHur Nuzi NYCI OH OLA OLD xxxiii F.

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