By Lecturer in Hebrew and Aramaic at the Faculty of Oriental Studies Geoffrey Khan

Being direct descendants of the Aramaic spoken by way of the Jews in antiquity, the nonetheless spoken Jewish Neo-Aramaic dialects of Kurdistan deserve designated and brilliant curiosity. Geoffrey Khan's A Grammar of Neo-Aramaic is a different list of 1 of those dialects, now at the verge of extinction. This quantity, the results of large fieldwork, includes a description of the dialect spoken by way of the Jews from the zone of Arbel (Iraqi Kurdistan), including a transcription of recorded texts and a word list. The grammar involves sections on phonology, morphology and syntax, preceded through an introductory bankruptcy reading the placement of this dialect with regards to the opposite identified Neo-Aramaic dialects. The transcribed texts checklist folktales and money owed of customs, traditions and studies of the Jews of Kurdistan.

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In the morphology section a sizeable amount of data is drawn from notes taken in the course of the fieldwork. Material taken from the texts is in most cases referenced in the way described above. Where there is no reference, the examples have generally been taken from my unpublished recordings and notes. As has been remarked, there is not complete linguistic uniformity across all informants. The texts, therefore, should be regarded as representing four closely related idiolects. The minor differences in phonology, morphology and syntax are noted in the appropriate places in the grammar.

Nap_Sä and *{läp_~e (cf. ~), but which must be assumed to have had an intermediary stage of development with a voiced b (*nabSä, *tläb~e). g. s. g. ), zuna 'time'< *zubnä (cf. Syr. ~i). The softening of post-vocalic *b has taken place in most words of Aramaie stock. The exceptions can be explained as deriving from a form with an originally geminated *bb. ) (cf. BTA K~~'}). geb 'with, next to' < *gabb < *ganb (cf. BTA K~~ Syr. ~ ~. and verbssuch as zabin 'he sells', qabil 'he accepts', nabil 'he takes, which are derived from the OA pa"el stem.

B The reflex of the soft allophone of *bin earlier Aramaie is the semi-vowel Iw/. g. g. Jii (cf. BTA N~71]) < *J:talal1ii (cf. Heb. ~) < *didllii (cf. / and keeping the two vowels clearly separated. We may compare the strengthening of etymological *h to 1;, which is found in the 3rd person pronominal suffixes of some Christian NENA dialects (-el; m. and -al; f. <*-eh and *-ah). This is, apparently, a means of preventing the elision of the final consonant (cf. Haberman 1988: 563-564). It is also worth noting that the strengthening of an etymologicallaryngal to a pharyngal is found in the Kurdish dialects of the region (MacKenzie 1961:6).

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