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Within the complete of the Tibetan Buddhist culture, there is not any unmarried treatise extra deeply respected or extensively practiced than A advisor to the Bodhisattva means of Life. Composed within the 8th century by way of the Indian Bodhisattva Santideva, it grew to become an speedy vintage within the curricula of the Buddhist monastic universities of India, and its renown has grown ever considering. Santideva provides the right way to harmonize one's existence with the Bodhisattva excellent and evokes the reader to domesticate the perfections of the Bodhisattva: generosity, ethics, endurance, zeal, meditative focus, and knowledge.

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22. Having experienced that alone, one is still not liberated. There­ fore, while experiencing it, one begets more vices. 23. Upon obtaining such leisure, if I do not practice virtue, then there is no duplicity greater than this, and there is no delusion greater than this. 24. 70 25. 71 68. " 69. " 70. " 71. " 42 A G UID E TO THE BODHISATTVA WAY OF LIFE 26. I have somehow obtained the advantageous state that is very difficult to achieve, and though aware of that, I am led back to those same hells.

Let my possessions freely vanish; let my honor, my body, liveli­ hood, and everything else pass away. 94 23. I appeal to those desiring to guard their minds: always diligently guard your mindfulness and introspection. 24. 95 25. What has been heard, pondered, and cultivated, like water in a cracked jar, does not remain in the memory of the mind that lacks introspection. 26. Even many learned people who have faith and extraordinary perseverance become defiled by vices on account of the fault of lacking introspection.

98. " 99. Tibetan: "... " 52 A GU ID E TO THE BODHISATTVA WAY OF LIFE 39. Thinking, "The body should remain like this," and resorting to action again, one should periodically look afresh to see how the body is positioned. 40. In this way the mad elephant of the mind should be watched diligently so that it is not loosed while tied to the great pillar of the thought of Dharma. 41. 100 42. If one is unable to do so in the case of danger or a festive occa­ sion, then one should be at ease. It is said that at the time of giving, ethical discipline may be held in abeyance.

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