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However, another interpretation is possible if we bear in mind that this law is aimed Wrst of all at stopping corruption in elections, and secondly, making sure that the right kind of person was chosen. The documents (psephismata) are to include testimonies to the candidates’ good character (and orthodoxy) as well as revealing any improper connections, and it is the clergy and the notables who would be in the best position to make pre-election promises or bribes, not the wider community. Nonetheless, what has deWnitely changed is that the concept of the testimonium populi has narrowed tremendously.

In the later chapters (Chs. 6 and 7) on the role of the metropolitans, it is evident that often the provincial bishops simply responded to popular demand, with the metropolitan acting as little more than a rubber stamp, while in other instances, they acted as the presiding oYcer at elections. Where we do Wnd popular suVrage in action, it includes not just the Cyprianic concept of the testimonium, but often also the actual initiative in an election, including the right of veto. ’ This was the view of Pope Leo, who, as we shall see, was giving no more than the standard papal view of elections.

20, in Conc. Gall. I, 13. Is there any signiWcance in Novatian’s alleged suborning of three Italian bishops for his consecration in Cornelius’ account? Eusebius, HE VI. 43. 5 Nicaea, can. 4: š ¯ðßóŒïðïí ðæïóÞŒåØ ìƺßóôÆ ìbí •ðe ðÜíôøí ôHí Kí ôfi B KðÆæ÷ßfi Æ ŒÆŁßóôÆóŁÆØ: åN äb äıó÷Ýæåò åYç ôe ôïØïFôï; j äØa ŒÆôåðåߪïıóÆí IíƪŒçí j äØa ìBŒïò ›äïF, KðÜîÆíôïò ôæåEò Kðd ôe ÆPôe óıíƪïìÝíïıò, óıìłÞöøí ªØíïìÝíøí ŒÆd ôHí Iðüíôøí ŒÆd óıíôØŁåìÝíøí äØa ªæÆììÜôøí ôüôå ôcí ÷åØæïôïíßÆí ðïØåEóŁÆØ: Ôe äb ŒFæïò ôHí ªØíïìÝíøí äßäïóŁÆØ ŒÆŁš KŒÜóôçí KðÆæ÷ßÆí ôfiH ìåôæïðïºßôfi ç.

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