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In touching left knee to the ground . . in touching right hand to the ground ... beget the Thought: 'May all creatures in this direction remain on the Path'. " 5 The same is to be understood for touching the left hand and head to the ground. [282b] It also speaks about the bestowal of the merit of that Homage: "By this Homage of my five limbs, may the Five Obscurations of all creatures be cleansed away! May their Five Eyes be purified, and their Five Senses be perfect! May they remain in the Five Paths, and attain the Five Superknowledges unimpaired!

Such is the way to perform a ceremony [for begetting the Thought] with true Higher Intention. l~trasena, Candragomin, Siira, Santirak~ita and others. The opinions of these great scholars may differ on various points: [1] on the very Thought of Enlightenment itself; [2] on the ritual for the Thought of Enlightenment; [3] on methods for growth in the Thought; [4] in the method of Training [to be observed] with the Thought. [1] On the first point, some Acaryas say that the Enlightenment Thought is the Resolve nurtured in the Mundane Paths when one is practising out of devotion.

7 I also devote to all Victors All magnificent and supreme worship; In the strength of my faith in good practice, I pay worship in homage to all Victors. 8 Whatever sins I may have committed Out of lust or hatred or illusion, Whether in body, speech, or mind as well, I confess them, each and every one. 9 I rejoice in all the merits of the Buddha's Sons, of Solitary Victors, Of those still learning and those beyond, In the entire world's merit I rejoice. 10 I entreat the Supreme Wheel's Turning From those who are Lamps throughout this world, Who through their steps to Enlightenment Have reached unencumbered Buddhahood.

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