By Li Xiaoqiong (Drolma)

Li Xiaoqiong (Drolma), a Namuyi Tibetan from Liangshan Yi self sufficient Prefecture, Sichuan Province describes her adolescence; mom and dad; paternal grandmother's formative years and loss of life; village existence together with kid's video games, tending horses, and herding yaks; her studies at fundamental tuition; a surrogate grandfather; her youngest brother; neighborhood lunar New yr festivities; her time at heart university together with a unique pal and love letters; her education at Qinghai general collage in Xining urban; her time in India together with collage stories, travels, operating in an NGO, and dealing at a decision middle in Delhi; and her go back to China. additionally incorporated are unique poems, 3 tales by way of Li Xiaoqiong's grandmother, and pictures of Li Xiaoqiong's village and of her time in India.

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Then we set out in search of another tree, because Younger Brother had agreed to find a tree for our neighbors. It was tiring, but after cutting two attractive tree tops, we returned home. Sister and Father returned home after shopping, with new clothes for each of us. They had also purchased everything necessary for cooking delicious meals during the New Year. Everything they brought back was new, colorful, and attractive. The new clothes especially captured my attention, and I wanted to try them on immediately.

The sky was blue, and the sunshine was bright. "Such a perfect day," I murmured to myself. Mother held my school bag, which she had bought in the county town, which was four hours by bus from our village. Still, despite the distance, people liked to go there because of the shops. Teddy bears, toy guns, and fake cell phones that could be purchased there amazed me when I first saw them. " Mother seemed to overhear my thoughts and looked at me in surprise, but kept quiet. A few minutes later, a neighbor walked over and said to Mother, "Such a nice day" and asked where we were going.

56 2013. My villagers gather to celebrate a wedding in Nianhe Village (Metok). 57 2013. Two of my relatives wear Namuyi clothing at a local wedding (Li Xiaoqiong). 58 2013. My neighbor with part of the year's corn harvest, Nianhe Village (Metok). 59 YOUNGER BROTHER D ays passed, and I was eager to finish primary school. My marks were low when I graduated, which meant I couldn't attend middle school in the county town. My parents were embarrassed to discuss this with other people. At this time, my family, which consisted of my parents, two brothers, my sister, and me, had just moved into a new house, which had used up all our money.

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