By Joel Olson

Olson (political technology, Northern Arizona U.) examines the yank obsession with race in line with its politics. He unearths that regardless of protests by way of whites that the USA is a democracy, in truth it's divided into those that benefit from the merits of complete citizenship and others who don't. Olson works during the ancient and political history of

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Further, Reed is only partially correct that the concept of double consciousness disappears from Du Bois’s works after Souls. It is true that he never again used the actual phrase, yet its spirit is woven into many of his later texts. In Darkwater, published seventeen years after Souls, Du Bois paraphrases his famous paragraph on double consciousness and its second sight: “I have been in the world, but not of it. I have seen the human drama from a veiled corner, where all the outer tragedy and comedy have reproduced themselves in microcosm within.

Only after John advanced in his education and social 24 – A POLITICAL THEORY OF RACE position did he Wnd himself ostracized from the Black world yet thrown back into it. Ultimately, his sense of double consciousness and his “second sight” drives him to murder and suicide. 69 Their estrangement is the product of a system of racial subordination that refuses to recognize social distinctions among Black people despite the best efforts of the middle class to distinguish themselves by wealth, education, and/or upbringing.

These erstwhile enemies are bound together through explicit and implicit agreements, which pay “public and psychological wages” for the workers. In exchange, these workers ensure the stability and order required for the steady accumulation of capital, largely through the terrorization and subordination of the rest of the working class. ” This cross-class alliance produces racial hierarchy within a democratic political order. For Du Bois, race is not biology or geography so much as it is the existence of two worlds cut by the color line.

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