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Jack was about to ask if he could talk to the kid when three black SUVs pulled up to the perimeter. A moment later the area was flooded with men in suits, one of whom—a hefty six-footer with the clean, resolute look of a Mercury astronaut—approached Beckman. ” Jack asked. The suit reached into his jacket and brought out a set of credentials. Field Director Carl Forsyth, FBI. The agent in charge, by his manner. The man’s eyes were still on Beckman. ” “Whoa,” Jack said. “What the hell is that supposed to—” “You mean ‘loser’?

Leon shifted his foot from the brake to the accelerator and eased after the Land Rover. * * * They followed the Rover straight to the Loin—the part of the city that had long ago given itself over to liquor stores and strip clubs, where anything and everything was bought and sold, twenty-four/seven. Jamal wondered what a well-off Arab was doing down here. If he was looking for action, all he had to do was pick up the phone. He didn’t have to cruise through wine country. Maybe he had holdings here, invested some of that oil money in hookers and crack dealers.

Rivulets followed cracks in the asphalt, creating an odd, shimmering effect. There was no sign of Drabinsky, his suit, or the robot. Feeling dread, Jack scanned the perimeter, searching for Maxine. With relief that brought tears to his eyes, he saw her climbing to her feet, staring down at her battered video camera in limp shock. As if suddenly remembering she had a coworker, she froze halfway to her feet, turned suddenly, and peered along the street. She made eye contact with Jack and, as though she had completed a minichecklist—camera, partner—she collapsed.

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