By Robert Gardner

Learn approximately barometers, humidity, snowflakes, and extra with the nice climate technology experiments during this booklet. Authors Robert Gardner and Salvatore Tocci consultant readers via their most sensible climate technology experiments utilizing full-color illustrations. Many experiments contain principles for a student's technology reasonable.

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Is the splash pattern different on a hill than on a flat surface? Try to predict what will happen to the splash pattern if you make the hill steeper. Try to predict what will happen if you make it less steep. Test your predictions. Are the patterns what you expected them to be? FIGURE 12: How does an incline affect a raindrop’s splash pattern? 7 Acid Rain Materials: pH test paper and standard scale plastic containers rainwater Many of the gases that pollute the atmosphere dissolve in cloud droplets and fall to Earth as acid rain.

Now move the flashlight upward without changing its tilt (the direction of its beam) until its light falls on the United States. The beam should be parallel to its original direction (pointing in the same direction as before), as shown in Figure 5. ) The light now shines on a more northern part of the globe. As you can see, the flashlight beam shining on the United States no longer makes a circular pattern of light. The beam is now spread out over a much broader surface. Because the same amount of sunlight is spread over a bigger surface, the sunlight is less intense.

Are the raindrops that fall during a brief shower larger than those that fall in a long, steady rain? How many average-size raindrops are in a snowflake? In a hailstone? 5 The Shape of Raindrops Materials: vacuum cleaner that will blow air food coloring water small glass eyedropper Ping-Pong ball When raindrops fall in still air, they fall at a steady speed. This steady speed is called the terminal velocity of the raindrops. As you might guess, big drops have a higher terminal velocity than small drops.

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