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In order to determine whether a substance alters the quantal composition of the EPP, a simple method can be employed. The EPP, that arises in response to single stimuli of the nerve, is recorded in conditions of calcium depletion and magnesium excess. With a sufficiently large number of shocks (200-300) the ratio of the total number of shocks to the number of cases when the stimulus is not followed by a response (no EPP is evoked) is calculated. According to Poisson's theorem, total no. of stimuli t m — in no.

This amount also constitutes the minimal "quantum" of ACh that can be released by the nerve ending (Katz, 1962, 1966, 1969). The frequency of discharge of such quanta of ACh rises sharply on depolarization of the nerve ending. It has been shown that the frequency of the MEPPs increases 10-fold in response to a 15-mV depolarization of the membrane of the nerve ending. In the presence of complete depolarization with overshoot, which occurs on the arrival of the action potential at the axon ending, the frequency of the MEPPs increases 200,000-300,000-fold.

After preliminary injection of a reversible inhibitor with quaternary nitrogen DFP had no effect on ganglionic function, although it completely inactivated all the internal ChE in the ganglion nerve cells (Mclsaak and Koelle, 1959). The internal ChE has, apparently, no functional significance. Koelle is of the opinion that the internal ChE is a store of enzyme, synthesized inside the cell. e. * The functional ChE, like the ChR, is thus apparently situated on the external surface of synaptic membranes, and not inside the cells.

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