By Kash L. Mittal

This publication chronicles the court cases of the overseas Symposium on Adhesion dimension of movies and Coatings, held in Boston. The articles during this e-book have been formerly released in 3 specified problems with the magazine of Adhesion technological know-how and know-how. movies and coatings are used for quite a few reasons and their sufficient adhesion to the underlying substrates is of cardinal significance from sensible attention.

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F \1 Scratch ion Figure 11. Scratch test. This illustration appeared previously [15] and is reprinted here by permission of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The widely used and accepted scratch test does not depend on any adhesive or braze. g. [62-651). Nevertheless, the method as commonly used has many serious problems. g. porcelain enamels and bulk coatings such as those produced by thermal spray tech- 26 S. Brown niques). Of course, if it is desired to measure only coating cohesion, the scratch test may be useful.

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In the case of region 111, data obtained by various investigators uniformly indicated that the processes active in region I11 were in competition with those in regions I and 11. That is, once Kl became sufficiently large that the transition from region I1 to region I11 behavior occurred, it was the more rapid set of processes that dominated. In Figs 14 and 15, it is quite clear that the data indicate a transition from the less rapid to the more rapid set of processes. In other words, the processes involved in cohesive failure are slower than those involved in interfacial failure.

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