By Andrzej Białynicki-Birula, James B. Carrell, William M. McGovern (auth.)

This is the second one quantity of the recent subseries "Invariant thought and Algebraic Transformation Groups". the purpose of the survey via A. Bialynicki-Birula is to provide the most tendencies and achievements of study within the idea of quotients by means of activities of algebraic teams. This concept includes geometric invariant concept with numerous functions to difficulties of moduli conception. The contribution through J. Carrell treats the topic of torus activities on algebraic types, giving a close exposition of some of the cohomological effects one obtains from having a torus motion with fastened issues. Many examples, comparable to toric types and flag kinds, are mentioned intimately. W.M. McGovern experiences the activities of a semisimple Lie or algebraic team on its Lie algebra through the adjoint motion and on itself through conjugation. His contribution focuses totally on nilpotent orbits that experience stumbled on the widest program to illustration idea within the final thirty-five years.

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Let U C X be G-maximal. Let H be a connected algebraic group acting on X so that the image of H in the group Aut(X) normalizes the image ofG. Then U is H-invariant. 3. [Prop. 1. [BB,Sw 811 Let X be a variety with an action ofa reductive group G. Let U I , U2 be two open G-invariant subsets. If there exist good quotients Uj -+ U;/IG,for i = 1,2, then there exists a good quotient ofUI n U2. I. Quotients by Actions of Groups 27 Since every good quotient rr : U ~ U II G is locally an affine quotient, the quotient is glued from affine pieces.

If X is an algebraic space, then a morphism K : :F --+- X is said to be a moduli space of:F, ifforevery S-scheme Spec(K), where K is an algebraically closed field, K induces a 1-1 map K(K) : :F(K) --+- X(K), where :F(K) denotes the set of isomorphism classes of the groupoid :F(K). 9. Let R --+- X x X be a groupoid. If {XI R} --+- Y is a moduli space and Y is semi-normal, then the composition of morphisms X --+- {XI R} --+- Y is a geometric quotient of X by R. 2. Let Y be an S-scheme, and let G be an S-group.

Moreover, 7fIX~ is a good geometric quotient. 3. Quotients of Open Subsets of Projective and Affine Spaces The described above methods of finding some open subsets of projective varieties can be used to describe all T -maximal subsets of projective spaces (see [BB,Sw 9 D. We shall sketch below the main results obtained in the case. Let T = (k*Y act on a projective space pn = Proj(vn+I). Suppose that we have fixed a lifting of the action to Vn+l . Then to every point x E pn, we may associate a cell c(x) and convex set JL(c(x» C Zs ® R (see page 47).

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