By Stephanie P. Newbold

Examine of Thomas Jefferson's legacy in public management.

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This type of executive power led Johnstone (1972) to argue that Richard Neustadt’s (1990) thesis concerning the significance of presidential persuasion in modern times has its roots firmly embedded in the Jefferson presidency. This observation is one that should not be lost within the intellectual and historical confines of public administration scholarship. Jefferson, always the astute observer of political behavior, recognized the sensitive nature of such efforts: A preponderance of the executive over the legislative branch cannot be maintained but by immense patronage, by multiplying offices, making them very lucrative, by armies, navies, &c.

I like your idea of kneading all his scraps & fragments into one batch, and adding to it a complementary sum, which, while it forms it into a single mass from which everything is to be paid, will enable us, should a breach of appropriation ever be charged on us, to prove that the sum appropriated, & more, has been applied to its specific object. . That is, to form into one consolidated mass all the moneys received into the treasury, and to the several expenditures, giving them a preference of payment according to the order in which they should be arranged.

Throughout the course of the administration: The concept of the separation of executive and legislative powers which governed the actions of the President and the Congress, at least formally and officially, did not prevail in the same manner in the relations between members of the Cabinet and of Congress. While the President felt compelled to keep his role in the drafting of legislation confidential, there was little similar compulsion felt by Cabinet officers. Department heads were regularly called upon by congressional committees for assistance in the preparation of bills, and proposals under consideration were commonly submitted to them for review and recommendations.

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