By John McIlwain

A classic-fully revised and up-to-date! The kid's Illustrated Dictionary brings phrases and pictures jointly, making it enjoyable and straightforward for younger readers to enhance their vocabulary and interpreting abilities.

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The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics

Greater than 27,500 definitions - plus over 1,000 transparent and practical illustrations - make the 7th variation the last word reference for technicians, hobbyists, and scholars. Many new phrases and illustrations from robotics, man made intelligence, and private computing as they relate to electronics are incorporated.

Chinese-Tibetan-English Visual Dictionary of New Daily Vocabulary

Китайско-тибетско-английский наглядный словарь для повседневного общения. Расширенное и дополненное издание словаря изобилует цветными иллюстрациями с комментариями на китайском, тибетском и английском языках, что позволяет с лёгкостью изучать повседневный китайско-тибетский лексикон. Словарь выпущенный Сычуаньским национальным издательством окажется неоценимым помощником для путешественников, отправляющихся в Тибет.

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The technical development of the twentieth century has resulted in progressive adjustments on the earth of trade, that have proceeded at an more and more quick speed because the finish of the second one global battle. exchange has develop into internationalized. The box and, later, the pc have made many original company exercises out of date and required the construction of latest ones.

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Cycle 2 a mixture of hot spices used to flavor food. cycles noun changes that happen regularly in a particular order. The life cycle of a butterfly. curry powder cyclone curtain curtains noun pieces of material that are hung from a bar and can be pulled across a window or space. cyclones noun customer a tropical storm with very strong winds. customers noun N a person who buys something from a store or a company. curls noun a small, curved piece of hair. Her hair is a mass of curls. cut curly adjective cuts cutting cut verb to divide something into parts, using a sharp tool.

Cotton thread 1 the plan of lessons that students must follow in a school or college subject. Our history course starts on Monday. 2 the ground where many outdoor sports, such as golf and horse-racing, take place. 1 a female mammal that eats grass and is reared on farms to produce milk and beef. 1 an activity that requires skill. cough coughs coughing coughed verb 2 the female of some large animals, such as elephants and whales. to force air out of your lungs with a sharp noise. N say kawf coward council coward noun councils noun a group of people who are chosen to make decisions for an organization or community.

1 a jumping insect that eats plants. Crickets rub their wings together to make a singing sound. They have long back legs for jumping. crawl crawls crawling crawled verb to move along on your hands and knees. crease Most babies crawl before they learn to walk. crease verb crayfish create noun creates creating created verb a spiny shellfish that looks like a small lobster. Crayfish live under stones during the day and hunt for small fish and insects at night. to design and make something. She created a beautiful painting.

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