By Th.G. Aalbers, H.A. van der Sloot, J.J.J.M. Goumans

The idea that of Sustainable improvement, implicating the security of soil and groundwater, the quandary of waste creation and the re-use of soild waste material remains to be the top subject matter of WASCON '94. even though it is obviously famous in such a lot nations that items derived from strong waste material could be utilized as development fabrics, study remains to be had to examine numerous environmental difficulties.

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The decrease in pH is similar to what has been seen in lysimeters with mine waste and old copper slag (Fallman 1991) and is probably the result of oxidation of the reduced sulphides and other sulphur species in the BF slag. Only the leachate production in the MSWI BA lysimeter resulted in an overlap between the lysimeter and the column test results, which in this case show good agreement in pH. The sampled percolated leachates from the lysimeters are stored under argon gas and are thus exposed neither to oxygen nor carbon dioxide.

THE USE OF LIFE CYCLE ANALYSIS IN 'INTEGRATED CHAIN MANAGEMENT' Integrated chain management has become a central concept in Dutch environmental policies. It is not a familiar concept abroad. In other countries, for example, the terms 'lifecycle management' o r 'productstewardship' a r e used in much the same way as the term 'integrated chain management'. Integrated chain management aims to ensure that substance cycles in product chains a r e managed in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner.

These materials can be used as filling and construction materials instead of being landfilled if the net environmental impact is acceptable. However, many residues have not been considered for utilisation purposes, while others have been discussed widely but are not yet accepted mostly because of possible environmental impact. It is important to identify the factors that classify a residue as usable or unusable. In the assessment of the suitability of such materials, not only the technical characteristics need to be considered but also the assessment of the possible environmental impact.

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