By Carol Higgins Clark

Regan Reilly plans to spend her Fourth of July week touring within the Hamptons at her parents' domestic and likewise along with her ally, equipment, who has a percentage in a gaggle apartment. A last-minute mobile name, although, casts Regan's journey in a brand new mild. Brigid O'Neill, a emerging state big name, has been getting scary "love notes" and she or he hires Regan as her bodyguard for a Fourth of July live performance in Southampton. Brigid plans to play a mess around given to her in eire and stated to have magic powers. She later learns the remainder of its legend - whoever takes it out of eire may have an twist of fate or face demise.

A visitor came upon floating face-down in a pool at Chappy's welcoming celebration for Brigid is simply the 1st in a chain of ominous incidents. As Brigid's Fourth of July live performance nears, it looks like the cursed mess around can be shipped again to eire - show Mail! It's Regan's task to carry the curse at bay and fend off Brigid's pursuers.

"Entertaining...exactly what Clark lovers were craving." --- united states Today

"A awesome secret writer...makes it enjoyable for her readers. " --- Washington occasions

"A breezy snug, packed with loopy characters...A friendly and captivating outling."

--- San Francisco Chronicle

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Twanged (Regan Reilly, Book 4)

Regan Reilly plans to spend her Fourth of July week traveling within the Hamptons at her parents' domestic and in addition together with her ally, package, who has a percentage in a bunch condominium. A last-minute cellphone name, even though, casts Regan's journey in a brand new gentle. Brigid O'Neill, a emerging state celebrity, has been getting scary "love notes" and he or she hires Regan as her bodyguard for a Fourth of July live performance in Southampton.

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Stephen’s making wise use of the archbishop for once, instead of his brother of Winchester. Henry’s busy elsewhere. No, your guest is one Gerbert, of the Augustinian canons of Canterbury, a big man in the household of Archbishop Theobald. —on terms of mutual gain. You give me full and fair support there in the north, and I’ll help you hold off Owain Gwynedd and his Welshmen. ” Cadfael’s bushy eyebrows were arched towards his grizzled tonsure. “What, when Ranulf is still holding Lincoln castle, in Stephen’s despite?

Brother Winfrid was just coming over the crest from the slope of the pease field, striding springily with his spade over his shoulder. “Get leave soon, and come up and see your godson,” said Hugh as they rounded the box hedge, and the hum and the bustle of the court reached out to surround them like the busy sound of bees in swarm. ” “I will, gladly. I miss him when you go north, but he’s better there through the summer than here shut within walls. ” He asked it serenely, well aware that he would have heard of it at once if there had been anything amiss.

I fancy Stephen has it in mind to deal with one at a time, and there’s one at least is a bigger threat than Ranulf of Chester. ” “You sound certain of what’s in the king’s mind,” said Cadfael mildly. “As good as certain, yes. I saw how the man bore himself at court, last Christmas. A stranger might have doubted which among us was the king. Easygoing Stephen may be, meek he is not. And there were rumors that the earl of Essex was bargaining again with the empress while she was in Oxford, but changed his mind when the siege went against her.

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